Ignore User (Pink Pad)

For the most part, people do a great job in getting along or agreeing to disagree on the forums. Every once in awhile, people just rub each other the wrong way. When fights erupt on the forums, we ask that you "ignore" the other person. That isn't always an easy thing to do - especially when you feel someone else is badgering you into replying.

To ignore the user, go to one of our websites:

Pink Pad:  pinkp.ad

BabyBump:  babybumpapp.com

Kidfolio:  kidfol.io

Be sure to login, then:
Go to the user's profile (either by clicking the username on a post or searching the site for the username, then clicking the username on a post the search produces.)

On the left sidebar, over the "My Groups" section, click "Ignore User"

After Ignoring a User, you will no longer see posts or replies from that person. Also, ignored users will not be able to send you private messages via the website. If you ever want to unignore a user, you can go back to their user profile on the web and press Unignore User. (On the web, you have the option to temporarily view the posts and replies from ignored users by pressing the "Show Ignored" button when viewing a group's feed or a post, but note that this feature is not available on your mobile phone.) 

We hope you find the Ignore User feature useful and that it will help make your community experience a more peaceful and enjoyable one.

For additional help with this feature, please write to support@alt12.com.

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