Pink Pad Cycle Help

Pink Pad uses two primary methods to make estimates.  If you have only entered data from one period, Pink Pad uses the Default Lengths (28days/menstrual cycle, 4days/period length, 14 day/luteal phase) to estimate your next period and fertile days.

However, Pink Pad prefers the more accurate method of using data from your actual menstrual cycle history.  That means, if you've entered data for two or more periods, Pink Pad stops using the Default and begins to use a calculated average length of your menstrual cycles and period length.  

You can go back to using the Default by turning this feature "off."  You can also designate a specific number of past periods that you wish Pink Pad to average.

More ways to customize cycle calculations:

Periods to average:  This is the number of most recent periods Pink Pad uses to calculate your menstrual cycle.  To average all periods, enter a large value such as 999 (the default).  Note that the number of cycles averaged is 1 less than this number.  For example, 3 periods would be 2 cycles when calculating the cycle average.

Ignore cycles beyond:  We have found that on occasion you may forget to track a period and this could throw off the average calculations.  This feature tells Pink Pad that the long gap in days between a period is probably because it wasn't recorded and to ignore it.

Default cycle length:  The average length for most women is 28 days.  However, if you know you have longer or shorter lengths you can enter it here.  This will only be used if you have entered only one period or if averages is turned off.

Default period length:  the length to use for periods if averages is turned off.  The average woman has a period ranging from 3 to 5 days.  Pink Pad uses a default setting of 4 days if averages is turned off.  You can also enter your own number of days.

Luteal phase length:  The average luteal phase is 12 to 16 days.  Pink Pad defaults to 14 but if you know the number of days in your luteal phase you can enter it here.


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