Settings Help

The Settings menu is where you can set your preferences for a more customized experience.


Here you can pick other themes, add or hide symptoms, turn animation and audio on/off, and choose whether to show fertility information on the calendar and profile screens.


This section allows you to make adjustments to the way Pink Pad calculates your estimated Next Period and Fertile Days.


Pink Pad enables you to receive notifications when your next period or fertile days are about to begin, even if Pink Pad is not running


You need to create an account in order to post in the Pink Pad Community or to use the seamless backup and restore features

Backups and Sync

Pink Pad offers several ways to import or export your data.  You can sync with your native iPhone calendar, send your data by e-mail, and automatically backup and restore your data to our web servers.  You can even import data from other apps!

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