Notification Settings for BabyBump (iPhone/iPad)

If you are using BabyBump Pro for iOS, and having issues with notifications, here are some things to check.

1. Be mindful that while our notification system can send notifications to your phone, these are not the same as text messages and they will not show in your messages app. They also do not use your phone number, but are sent through the app and Apple's notification system.

2. Make sure you are running the latest version of iOS and the app. Updates to both are released to fix issues, and sometimes features will quit working on old versions once new versions come out.

3. Check out this FAQ from Apple on notifications. If you are having trouble with notifications from multiple apps, there may be help in here.

4. Open BabyBump and go to Settings -> Notifications and check out the different kinds of notifications. Some sample settings are below


5. The iPhone or iPad's notification settings can override what is set in the app, so go to the phone's settings and look for BabyBump. If you still have the old Free app installed, they will look nearly identical on this page so be cautious of this. Example settings are shown below.


Allow Notifications must be on for any notifications to come through.

For "Show in notification center" we recommend having this on if you miss notifications. The notifications center notification list can be accessed by swiping down from the top of the screen and tapping "notifications" on the top of the grey screen that appears.

Sounds makes a sound when you get a notification, fi your phone is not on silent.

Badge App Icon adds a number in a red circle next to the app mentioning how many notifications have come through since you last used the app.

Show on Lock Screen means that notifications will show when you are not using the phone and the screen is locked

Lastly, the Alert Style screen lets you pick how alerts are displayed. If you choose None, then no alerts will show if you are using the phone.If you have banners turned on, this notifications are temporary and some users miss them. The third choice is the most obtrusive and hardest to miss.


If all these settings are correct, and you are still missing notifications, then send an email to Make sure to detail what notifications in particular (i.e. friend requests, personal messages, likes, comments, etc.) you are not receiving, and where you are not receiving them (phone, email, etc). 


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