Current Day Versus Days Past

The Profile screen says I am on Week #, Day 7. Shouldn't it advance to the next week?

BabyBump default setting is to count days of the week from the present from Day 1 to Day 7. So you will be on Day 7 on the last day of your week and on Day 1 on the first day of the next week. For example, if today is Week 17, Day 7, then tomorrow will be Week 18, Day 1. 

You may change the setting to count days of the week as past days from 0 Days to 6 Days past. To do this, go to the Settings Menu, choose Weekly Info, then select to view by Current Day or Days Past. You may also choose to view weeks by the number of weeks you've completed (Completed) or by the current week you are in (Current Week).

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