My App is Crashing!

Our developers are constantly watching crash logs trying to find bugs and removing them from our apps, but some of them can be very hard to find. If you are experiencing crash issues, first try completely powering off your phone and back on, then see if the problem happens again. If it does, please contact us using the form below and try to include as much of the following information as possible:

What is your platform, iOS or Android?
What is your device?
What is your device's firmware version?
What is the app name?  Is it free or pro?  What is the version number?
How long was the app running before it crashed?
How many posts/replies did you make before it crashed?
How many threads did you view before it crashed?
The thread you were trying to view, was it a very long one with many replies?
If you were trying to view a group and not a specific thread, what is the name of that group?
Does the crash happen as soon as you open a group or thread, or are you able to scroll up and down before the crash?
Does the app always crash when you attempt this action?

Is there any other information you would like to add that you think might be helpful in recreating this problem?

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