Migrating Pink Pad Free data to Pink Pad Pro

Due to security limitations, we cannot automatically migrate your data over, but you can backup your Free app data and import it into the new Pro app by going through the following steps. These steps do require you to have an iCloud account, and iCloud features turned on. DO NOT delete the Free app until you are confident that your data has transferred successfully.

1. Open Pink Pad Free and go to the “Settings” Tab.

2. To make sure the app is communicating with our system, please select “Accounts” and then please sign out and back in to make sure you are authenticated to our system. If you do not have an account, you will need to create one.

3. Then go to back to the “Settings” menu and go to “Backups and Sync”, then “Backup and Restore”

4. On that screen, tap "Backup Now”. You should see the time under “Last Backup” update to the current time.

5. Exit Pink Pad Free, and then open Pink Pad Pro. 

6. Log in with the same account you used in Step 2. Do not create a new account for this app. If you were already logged in previously, you may need to log out and back in again or the transfer may fail.

7. Tap “More” in the bottom-right corner.

8. Then scroll down to the “App Info” section, choose “Backups and Sync” then “Backup and Restore”

9. On this screen, you will need to turn on “iCloud sync” This will activate our new backup system. If you do not see this option, please go to the App Store and make sure you have the latest update. If it will not activate, you likely need to check iCloud settings, by going to your phone's Settings App, and tapping the top box with your name on it, then iCloud.

10. Now tap “Transfer old backup to iCloud,” you should get a notice that it is successful. If this option does not appear, the app is not communicating with your account. You may need to log out and back in again. 

11. Now tap “List All Backups” and look for a backup file from a few minutes ago when you did step 4.

12. Tap that entry and choose “Restore from Backup”

13. Tap the back arrow in the upper-left corner three times, and then “Calendar” to verify your data is migrated. If the process seemed to work, but your data did not migrate, please try steps 7-13 again with a different backup file in your list.

We understand these steps were complicated, and we appreciate you following them carefully. If you have issues, please email support@alt12.com and let us know where in this process you had an issue and we will try to help you complete the process. As stated before, we cannot transfer the data for you, but we will try to help you complete the transfer and preserve your data.


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